Backwards (2001)

This is the trimmed version of the music video clip [bækwɔ:dz] (aka 'Backwards'). An illustration, animation and music video project made during the first half of the year 2001 using some of the software gems back in the beginning of the millennium days: Adobe PhotoShop 6.0 and Macromedia Freehand 9 for the graphics; Macromedia Flash 5 and Director 6 for the animation; Premiere 5.0 for the video editing, and the MS-DOS software music sequencer FastTracker 2 to create the video song.

The project was released in analog VHS, and the final video render was done in 4:3 QVGA 320x240 pixels video resolution due to the limitations of the existing technology I had then, the machine was a Pentium 100 with 16 MB RAM Memory, which was quite a decent computer those days but storage wasn't cheap and .AVI video files were too big to be handled by that limited hard drive.